H.S. Barre

“It is child abuse, plain and simple”

Many girls from countries like Sudan, Sierra Leone and Somalia are genitally mutilated at a very young age. It seems very hard to do something against this. “It is tradition and then people will say: 'it is our culture'.”

‘Vacation’ in Kenya – circumcision of Dutch-born girls abroad

It has been suspected for quite a while that families who are originally from Somalia, have their daughters circumcised abroad. But there were no hard data. But now, a middleman and a 'cutter' in Nairobi speak openly about this practice. A meeting with 'the Angel of Death of the clitoris'.

#BlackLivesMatter, edition NL. Why, as a black newcomer, I don't know whether to cry, or cheer

In the Netherlands, one camp denies the existence of racism in its entirety, while another camp pressures people to attend anti-racism demonstrations. Black people aren’t helped by either extreme.