Mathieu Martiniere

The hidden sex abuse cases at a Franco Swiss Catholic priest fraternity

Officially, the residence at Montgardin is a “house of rest” dedicated to contemplation, prayer and study. But insiders call it a private prison.

‘Subtle pressure on the judges’

Did Cardinal Bergoglio – now the Pope – send a biased report to the judges? If he did not, could he have remained unaware of the fact that the document that he had commissioned had the objective of influencing judges?

Pope caught up in Argentine paedophile priest scandal

or the first time an Argentine judge has told Mediapart and TV documentary Cash Investigation that a direct attempt was made by the church to influence his views ahead of the priest’s appeal hearing

Sex abuse scandal in French Catholic Church

The French Catholic Church has for years protected priests and others under its authority who were accused of sexual assaults, and paedophile crimes in particular.