Pieter Beens

Half a week’s salary for a LEGO car

The brand new Lamborghini Sián FKP from LEGO will cost you half a week's salary. That is a lot of money, but construction sets with the Danish stone are on balance becoming cheaper.

Thumbs down. The dark side of Facebook

Rapes, beheadings, self-mutilation by depressed young people: Facebook’s urge to grow is so big that their employees burn out after viewing such images.

The lockdown triggers some addictions (and makes some narcotics difficult to obtain)

Addiction expert Van Hasselt notes that the impact of lockdown on social life lowers the threshold for some addictions: "The loss of social control and structure can be the last straw."

Steak off limits after tick bite

This spring, Borrelia bacteria was in the spotlight. This bacteria, which causes Lyme disease, is spread by the bite of infected ticks. Much less known, but also serious, is the allergy to meat also resulting from tick bites.

Will we soon prefer the train to London instead of the plane?

The Eurostar train from Amsterdam to London races at high speed through the French countryside. It then dives into the Channel Tunnel, emerging thirty-five minutes later at Folkestone in England. Will the train soon become a viable alternative for travelers taking a city trip to London?

How Schiphol changed into Ghost Town

The sky above Schiphol is blue and white – just like the dozens of large birds that are on the ground. Forget the kerosene fumes or rushed travelers around the airport: Schiphol has become deafeningly quiet.

Drone swarm to provide emergency aid

A swarm of drones that drops relief supplies: it sounds like a futuristic dream, but this year it will become reality. Preparations are currently being made at Twente Airport.