Taras Zozulinskyy

Kings of the Ukrainian Forest 5. Mafia’s Accountants, Double Game

An older, distinguished gentleman entered the inexpensive Vienna cafe of the Donau-City business district. Although all the tables were occupied, he came directly to me. This men knew everything about me, even things I had forgotten long ago.

Kings of the Ukrainian Forest 4. Attorney General

“Friends of mine said you were interested in who is buying the timber. They asked me to contact you. I didn’t think you be interested, it won't lead you anywhere.”

Kings of the Ukrainian Forest 3. Advocate. The Scheme Summarized

A young man was taking an evening stroll in the center London. For his age, he was incredibly successful. Significant achievements in sports, businesses in different countries, studying at the prestigious London College of Business Management.

Kings of the Ukrainian Forest 2. Criminal Authority

A powerful explosion occurred outside of a small, old village near Lviv.

Kings of the Ukrainian Forest 1. Offshore Estonia and criminal Albion

This story begins with a chance meeting. On Christmas Eve, I was walking in the snow-covered city of Lviv, a strong wind was blowing. I was trying to light a cigarette, when I ran into a man.

Forest Falsehoods

In the midst of the spring discussions regarding the receipt of international assistance, a massive pro-Russian campaign was launched via the internet – allegedly for the preservation of Ukrainian forests.