Maria Efimova, the Russian informant used as a source by the murdered Maltese journalist Daphne Galizia, who uncovered the Pilatus bank scandal in Malta, remains in Korydallos prison.

By Kostas Zafeiropoulos

A wave of solidarity seems to be gathering momentum around Efimova with supportive interventions by MEPs, following her voluntary surrender; she is currently awaiting the outcome of whether she will be extradited to Malta following a European Arrest Warrant by the Maltese authorities where she is charged with two misdemeanors.

Protected Public Interest Witness

Efimova, who had given video evidence last December, as a protected Public Interest witness, to a European Parliament Committee investigating money laundering and tax evasion, was targeted by certain parts of the Maltese and Cypriot media following the murder of Galizia.

Certain articles in Cyprus even suggested that she might be culpable of the murder of the Maltese journalist! Further, there were multiple articles (even in trusted papers such as The Guardian) which misreported that she was the subject of an extradition order to Cyprus, and that was why she was in prison.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as confirmed by Efsyn sources and statements by her lawyer Alexandros Papasteriopoulos.

The defensive stance adopted by the Maltese Prime Minister, in accordance with Efimova’s statements to her lawyer, is because she is Russian, therefore a Russian spy, with a mission to damage the ruling party in Malta.

So, how does Cyprus figure in this story? It has issued a European Warrant for her arrest, for embezzlement of a couple of thousand Euros whilst she worked there up to 2014, but the extradition request is not in this regard.

Efimova worked in Cyprus for IFD Fragrance (Russian perfumery) till 2014.

She then moved to the Republic of Ireland with her family, where she worked for Google for two years.

The family then moved to Malta, where the Pilatus bank scandal was revealed, and where she had been P.A. to the bank’s now arrested Chairman.

Galizia’s revelations put the Maltese Prime Minister Muscat in a difficult position; he resigned, only to be re-elected last summer.

Efsyn is informed that the Maltese Prime Minister, apart from being associated with Egrant (funding the President of Azerbaijan with suspicious transactions), is also tied in with a firm of chartered accountants in Malta called PKF.

Of interest is the fact that this company has a chapter in Cyprus. It is noted that the Cypriot warrant for her arrest on charges of embezzlement issued December 2017, refers to events that took place in 2014.

Meanwhile, Efimova awaits 30 days for the Maltese authorities to forward their case file and for the trial to take place two months later.

Photo: Demostration in Korydallos prison Greece for the anarchist rebel Stampoulos. – © Tsiros / Flickr

Esfyn (the Journal of Authors) is a daily Greek newspaper. The release started in November 2012 by a group of former Eleftherotypia employees. The director is Nikolas Voulelis. The newspaper operates as a cooperative. All employees of the newspaper receive the same wages, except Vouleli, who works unpaid. Regarding her political position, she is described as a left-wing and pro-populist or "radical left" newspaper, while she was mentioned as part of the government of Alexis Tsipras (2015-2019) from the pro-government press.

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