"Turkey is the largest prison in the world for journalists," argues Serkan Ince, "especially for Kurdish journalists." A reflection on the loss of freedom of the press in the country he fled.

By Serkan Ince

Knowledge of reality serves man. Manipulation of truth damages citizens and society because they are denied opportunities for change. For people and societies (that want) to be free, independent press / media and free news-gathering are indispensable. Journalists contribute through their supervisory function to the proper functioning of the legislative, executive and judicial powers. They explain the news, outline backgrounds to laws and regulations and provide context for events. Journalists are pillars of the rule of law and social order, they have fundamental value in keeping the system running. The free press is like a compass in society. The state of the press says a lot about the state of a country, its government and its citizens. In Turkey and Turkish Kurdistan, journalism has been silenced with laws and court decisions, obscuring the truth and rendering the compass inoperative.