corruption & conspiracy

Use article 7 against my country

Radu Dumitrescu argues that "the only solution to deal with Romania’s rogue, mob-run government is for Brussels to activate Article 7 and leave the country without EU funds".

Putin’s Bodyguards Rewarded with Land and Power

Once responsible just for his physical security, President Putin's bodyguards now have impressive titles — and land worth many millions in Russia's most expensive region. The workers and pensioners who previously held the property say they were swindled out of it.

Money laundering at Danske Bank

Information of the whistleblower who alerted Danske Bank in 2013 indicates that top management was aware of far more serious conditions than the bank has previously indicated.

The star consultant, his Nazi father and the guilt of German industry

The self-deception of entrepreneur and consultant Roland Berger: ‘It was a moving story that Berger told. But it’s not true.’

Resentments fester in Slovakia’s ‘Land of Nothing‘

One of Slovakia’s most deprived regions is a microcosm of discontent, fueling right-wing populism in the hinterlands of Central Europe.

How to deal with conspiracy media in the digital era?

This theoretical study presents a way to recognize the difference between the use of freedom of speech and freedom of the press in the context of social responsibility of media and how to deal with the so-called ‘conspiracy media.’

Inside the Donetsk People’s Republic’s sisyphean struggle for international legitimacy

Four years after war broke out in Ukraine, the separatists have opened six “embassies.” None of them are recognized.