corruption & conspiracy

How to deal with conspiracy media in the digital era?

This theoretical presents a way to recognize the difference between the use of freedom of speech and freedom of the press in the context of social responsibility of media and how to deal with the so-called ‘conspiracy media.’

Inside the Donetsk People’s Republic’s sisyphean struggle for international legitimacy

Four years after war broke out in Ukraine, the separatists have opened six “embassies.” None of them are recognized.


Maria Efimova, the Russian informant used as a source by the murdered Maltese journalist Daphne Galizia, who uncovered the Pilatus bank scandal in Malta, remains in Korydallos prison.

The stigmata of Dzerjink, a forgotten place

Dzerjink produced Soviet chemical weapons and was for a long time a no-go zone for foreigners. Today it has become a toxic time bomb.

Apartheid Spy Breaks His Silence

After 40 years, super spy Craig Williamson, who worked for the South African white-minority regime, has agreed to tell his full story.

Forest Falsehoods

In the midst of the spring discussions regarding the receipt of international assistance, a massive pro-Russian campaign was launched via the internet – allegedly for the preservation of Ukrainian forests.

Falsehoods about transplantation

Politicians in Ukraine spread horror stories about black market traders who "kill people to sell their organs”