“It is child abuse, plain and simple”

Many girls from countries like Sudan, Sierra Leone and Somalia are genitally mutilated at a very young age. It seems very hard to do something against this. “It is tradition and then people will say: 'it is our culture'.”

TableTalk – The Magpie Café Whitby

I’ve got cancer. Sorry to drop that onto the breakfast table apropos of nothing at all. Apropos and cancer are rarely found in the same sentence.

AA Gill faces up to his cancer

AA Gill used to think that being a NHS patient was like travelling second class on a train, glitter than first class, but in the end everyone ended up at the same destination. But he’s discovered that the drug that might keep him alive is not available on the NHS…

When My Life Became a Gift

Saeed Al-Gariri on his own life and the lessons he has learned. "Our best days: we haven't seen them yet."

These women opt to live as men to be free

“Sworn virgins’ exchange limited rights of women for freedoms of men in patriarchal Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Those Who have been raped raise your hand

For the UN, 'Congo is the rape capital of the world'. Attracted by the huge budgets at stake, dozens of humanitarian organisations have launched themselves into the ‘market’. In Bukavu, which is in the east of the country, rape has become big business.

Will we soon prefer the train to London instead of the plane?

The Eurostar train from Amsterdam to London races at high speed through the French countryside. It then dives into the Channel Tunnel, emerging thirty-five minutes later at Folkestone in England. Will the train soon become a viable alternative for travelers taking a city trip to London?