#BlackLivesMatter, edition NL. Why, as a black newcomer, I don't know whether to cry, or cheer

In the Netherlands, one camp denies the existence of racism in its entirety, while another camp pressures people to attend anti-racism demonstrations. Black people aren’t helped by either extreme.

Inger’s Last Wish

Last autumn, Dagbladet received a chronicle from Inger titled “This chronicle may be controversial because I’m dead.”

It’s a beautiful child. Why did he die?

After the stillbirth of their son, journalists Jop de Vrieze and Zvezdana Vukojevic are in search of answers within the Dutch system of natal care. Gynecologist: ”Could we have saved him? Maybe, yes.”

Escaping the beauty salon

Over twelve long years, a woman from Jiangxi province imprisoned more than a dozen young women in a beauty salon located in China's most thriving city, Shanghai.

24 hours without alcohol. Sober life in a small Belarusian city

In this glimpse into provincial life, Karpeka chronicles both the banality of and indifference to a day in the life of a small Belarusian city where the sale of alcohol was banned for a mere 24 hours.

Uzbekistan: finding the lost heart of Central Asia

An extensive firsthand account to a rarely known but increasingly important corner of the world.

“Here, I stop being a priest.” The head of the Poland’s largest charitable organization unmasked

The story of the priest, the head of the Poland’s largest charitable organization, who for years has been using bullying, psychological violence and sexism against its employees. This investigation reads like the Polish version of the tragic Epstein story.