human rights

The Bangladeshi shopkeepers who took on Sicily’s Cosa Nostra mafia

Bangladeshi shopkeepers suffered years of threats and extortion in Palermo. Then they stood up to the gangsters — and won.

The mystery of revolutions. An eyewitness report of the rebellions in Nicaragua

What was it that set Nicaragua—a society disciplined for years by Daniel Ortega's iron fist—on the warpath? Martín Caparrós traveled to the country experiencing the greatest massacre in its peacetime history to try to answer this question.

Escaping the beauty salon

Over twelve long years, a woman from Jiangxi province imprisoned more than a dozen young women in a beauty salon located in China's most thriving city, Shanghai.

S17: Victims of the Interior Ministry’s mood

They are neither prisoners nor free people. Their lives are hostage to the moods of security forces who might stop them on public roads and “sentence” them by suspending their rights indefinitely.

Europol’s Child Abuse Image Geolocated In Ukraine. A Forgotten Story Hidden Behind A Landscape

How volunteers, with the support of open source professionals, worked together to link images of child sexual abuse with a “child modelling studio” in Ukraine.

Disabled? A life sentence in prison!

How did a man with an IQ of 62 and serious deficits in logical thinking, in his drunk state manage to commit a perfect crime?

Child soldiers in Yemen

Thousands of children in Yemen are forced to fight. This is how a bloodthirsty generation is raised.