human rights

“It is child abuse, plain and simple”

Many girls from countries like Sudan, Sierra Leone and Somalia are genitally mutilated at a very young age. It seems very hard to do something against this. “It is tradition and then people will say: 'it is our culture'.”

Thumbs down. The dark side of Facebook

Rapes, beheadings, self-mutilation by depressed young people: Facebook’s urge to grow is so big that their employees burn out after viewing such images.

Press ‘freedom’ in Kurdish-phobic Turkey

"Turkey is the largest prison in the world for journalists," argues Serkan Ince, "especially for Kurdish journalists." A reflection on the loss of freedom of the press in the country he fled.

These women opt to live as men to be free

“Sworn virgins’ exchange limited rights of women for freedoms of men in patriarchal Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Decency is only a first step

The acceptance of refugees in Austria and Germany raises new questions.

Those Who have been raped raise your hand

For the UN, 'Congo is the rape capital of the world'. Attracted by the huge budgets at stake, dozens of humanitarian organisations have launched themselves into the ‘market’. In Bukavu, which is in the east of the country, rape has become big business.

In Austria, immigration was managed but integration failed

Immigration is increasing pressure to implement reforms that have been neglected for long.