Fifty-Six Days of Separation

A mother and her six-year-old son fled to Texas from the violence in their homeland of Honduras. When they arrived, young Samir was ripped out of his mother’s arms. Two months later, they found each other again, but something had changed.

The Teacher from Syria

Since Hend Alkhabbaz started teaching on Sigmund-Jähn Elementary School, it changed from notoriously bad into exemplary. Yet, not all parents are happy about her arrival.

'Atatürk doesn't love us either'

An interview with a Syrian woman living in Turkey. “We will only be in the news if one of us has done something bad. Furthermore, nobody really cares about what we experience.”

In Bulgaria, Hunting Refugees is a Sport

In Bulgaria, refugees must be kept out of sight, at all costs. A paramilitary army now has carte blanche to hunt down any refugee they want.

‘Our best days: we haven't seen them yet’. Self-interview about the meaning of life

In 1981, this author spent almost a week clinically death in intensive care in the Educational Hospital of the Republic in South Yemen. After that experience, he felt he was living on borrowed time.

“I don’t remember why I came to Europe anymore”

This story from the camp follows Abu as he's exploited by employers that seem more like masters, hated by the local population as much as he's needed, and cornered into a sort of sub-humanity where poverty is an infectious disease.

Switzerland does not want to be a multicultural country

In case of conflict, people with an immigrant background are immediately reduced to their foreignness, they don't count as “real locals" any longer. Also, the standards for and expectations towards people with an immigrant background are more rigid than those for "true" natives.