The Wetsuitman – The Diver from Damascus

In his Facebook profile picture, he is floating over a coral reef in crystal clear water off the coast of Libya. He is looking straight into the camera from behind his diving mask. Part IV.

The Wetsuitman – The boy who could see England

In a strange land, thousands of kilometres from home, a boy stood and looked out to sea. He had been travelling for 142 days. Autumn had come. As usual the weather was bitter along the coast of Northwest France. Part III.

The Wetsuitman – The Jungle

In the grey-brown sand between two hilltops on the plains, a handful of refugees are walking in a cloud of dust, pushing a shopping basket filled with bottles of water against the wind. Part II.

When My Life Became a Gift

Saeed Al-Gariri on his own life and the lessons he has learned. "Our best days: we haven't seen them yet."

In Austria, immigration was managed but integration failed

Immigration is increasing pressure to implement reforms that have been neglected for long.

‘I’ve been here for 50 years’: the scandal of the former Commonwealth citizens threatened with deportation from the UK

They have lived nearly all their lives in the UK, working and paying taxes. But in the draconian new immigration climate, an increasing number of elderly people are being told that they are here illegally.

If We Were Roma, We Would Not Come Back from Britain

We saw Slovak Roma people in English schools, we spoke to their health visitors and political representatives. We saw how they speak perfect English, want to be policemen and doctors and are supported by all the people around them. What is it that the British do differently?