Fifty-Six Days of Separation

A mother and her six-year-old son fled to Texas from the violence in their homeland of Honduras. When they arrived, young Samir was ripped out of his mother’s arms. Two months later, they found each other again, but something had changed.

EU-system alerts consumers – after they have eaten

Detrimental effects on IQ, damage the brain of young children and exposed mothers gave birth to mentally retarded children.

The Bangladeshi shopkeepers who took on Sicily’s Cosa Nostra mafia

Bangladeshi shopkeepers suffered years of threats and extortion in Palermo. Then they stood up to the gangsters — and won.

National tests show we eat insect poison

European citizens continue to eat and drink the insect poison believed by scientists to cause damage to children’s brains.

The Uyghur women fighting China's surveillance state

China is waging a digital war on its Muslim minorities. Xinjiang has become a suffocating information vacuum. But in a small neighborhood in Istanbul, a digital resistance has begun.

Inside the Donetsk People’s Republic’s sisyphean struggle for international legitimacy

Four years after war broke out in Ukraine, the separatists have opened six “embassies.” None of them are recognized.

On your dinner plate and in your body: The most dangerous pesticide you’ve never heard of

Scientists say there is no acceptable dose to avoid brain damage. Its use is banned in several European countries. Yet its residues are found in fruit baskets, on dinner plates, and in human urine samples from all over Europe.