Press ‘freedom’ in Kurdish-phobic Turkey

"Turkey is the largest prison in the world for journalists," argues Serkan Ince, "especially for Kurdish journalists." A reflection on the loss of freedom of the press in the country he fled.

The Troubles have left a legacy which won’t let people forget

You don’t hear bombs in Belfast anymore. Over two decades since the Good Friday Agreement, one could talk of relative peace. But in areas like Shankill, The Troubles have left a legacy which won’t let people forget about the conflict for long.

Swedish access laws more secretive than EU-regulations

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has decided to take a closer look at Sweden’s compliance with UN-rules on information in environmental matters. The decision follows rejection on requested access to document by the Swedish Chemicals Agency and two Swedish courts.

Decency is only a first step

The acceptance of refugees in Austria and Germany raises new questions.

“That’s how it works; assessment is based on business funded research”

And four other comment from experts on the use of chlorpyforis.

In Austria, immigration was managed but integration failed

Immigration is increasing pressure to implement reforms that have been neglected for long.

And who cares about us?

Solidarity with refugees increases citizens’ feeling of abandonment.