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The Wetsuitman – The Diver from Damascus

In his Facebook profile picture, he is floating over a coral reef in crystal clear water off the coast of Libya. He is looking straight into the camera from behind his diving mask. Part IV.

The Wetsuitman – The boy who could see England

In a strange land, thousands of kilometres from home, a boy stood and looked out to sea. He had been travelling for 142 days. Autumn had come. As usual the weather was bitter along the coast of Northwest France. Part III.

The Wetsuitman – The Jungle

In the grey-brown sand between two hilltops on the plains, a handful of refugees are walking in a cloud of dust, pushing a shopping basket filled with bottles of water against the wind. Part II.

The Wetsuitman – Without a Trace

Two bodies were found in Norway and the Netherlands. They were wearing identical wetsuits. The police in three countries were involved in the case, but never managed to identify them. This is the story of who they were. Part I: Without a Trace.

The Troubles have left a legacy which won’t let people forget

You don’t hear bombs in Belfast anymore. Over two decades since the Good Friday Agreement, one could talk of relative peace. But in areas like Shankill, The Troubles have left a legacy which won’t let people forget about the conflict for long.

“That’s how it works; assessment is based on business funded research”

And four other comment from experts on the use of chlorpyforis.

Producers fight back to prevent pesticides ban: ”EU bows for pressure from NGOs and media”

The death warrant of a pesticide rarely takes the form of a European regulation. However, later this week the European Commission will ask the Member States to ban chlorpyrifos and chlorpyrifos-methyl, two insecticides causing damages to the brains of foetuses and young children.