The Wetsuitman – Without a Trace

Two bodies were found in Norway and the Netherlands. They were wearing identical wetsuits. The police in three countries were involved in the case, but never managed to identify them. This is the story of who they were. Part I: Without a Trace.

The lockdown triggers some addictions (and makes some narcotics difficult to obtain)

Addiction expert Van Hasselt notes that the impact of lockdown on social life lowers the threshold for some addictions: "The loss of social control and structure can be the last straw."

Steak off limits after tick bite

This spring, Borrelia bacteria was in the spotlight. This bacteria, which causes Lyme disease, is spread by the bite of infected ticks. Much less known, but also serious, is the allergy to meat also resulting from tick bites.

Drone swarm to provide emergency aid

A swarm of drones that drops relief supplies: it sounds like a futuristic dream, but this year it will become reality. Preparations are currently being made at Twente Airport.

Forget about airplanes, in the future we'll travel by hyperloop

The stakes are high, expectations are high: companies see the transport of the future in the hyperloop. These two scientists aren’t so optimistic. "I’ll eat a tractor if there ever is a commercially viable hyperloop."

Help! My body doesn’t respond to exercise

Physical inactivity has become a pandemic but there is an obvious solution: the need to exercise. Scientific research, however, suggests that there is no definite guarantee that your body will get a boost from a training program. What’s the trouble?

The Monsanto Papers, Part 2 — Attack against a scientist

Monsanto is using strategies to interfere with science, influence the regulatory process and orchestrate PR campaigns to defend their products.