How to deal with conspiracy media in the digital era?

This theoretical presents a way to recognize the difference between the use of freedom of speech and freedom of the press in the context of social responsibility of media and how to deal with the so-called ‘conspiracy media.’

Europol’s Child Abuse Image Geolocated In Ukraine. A Forgotten Story Hidden Behind A Landscape

How volunteers, with the support of open source professionals, worked together to link images of child sexual abuse with a “child modelling studio” in Ukraine.

Your designer kitchen may have cost the manufacturer his life

Synthetic quartz countertops, white or colored, are in fashion and make the fortune of their manufacturers. But in the factories that produce them, many workers fall ill, or even die

His experiments were intended to help cure Parkinson’s and dementia. Then this scientist was targeted by animal rights activists

Until recently, Nikos Logothetis performed experiments on monkeys in his lab. Today, the cages stand empty.

Can algorithms help prevent child abuse?

During corona time, child abuse is an even bigger problem then ever. There might be a way to minimize it, but it is rather controversial: the use of algorithms.

In Russia virus denialists and conspiracists find a soft target

In Russia, HIV is simply not acknowledged. This article shows how spreading misinformation about a virus make infection rates skyrocket.

EU stops safety checks for dangerous medical implants

How top European Union politicians and officials were won over by misleading claims from implant industry lobby groups.