He is Germany's best-known management consultant. His foundation does much good and awards a prize for human dignity. The award is also intended to commemorate Berger's father, whom the junior long stylized as a Nazi victim. In truth, Georg Berger was an early member of the NSDAP, a high-ranking functionary in the Hitler Youth and a profiteer of Aryanizations. Now, Roland Berger is facing the truth.

By Sönke Iwersen, Andrea Rexer, Marina Cveljo, Hans-Peter Siebenhaar, Isabelle Wermke, Thomas Tuma

Photo: Mona Eing & Michael Meissner / José Giribás [M]

Düsseldorf, Munich, Vienna

It is a prize that is particularly dear to Roland Berger: The foundation of the most prominent German management consultant has awarded one million euros for extraordinary services to the protection of human dignity. Since 2008, Roland Berger has also used the award to commemorate the man he always called his moral role model: Georg Berger, his father.