The blood of his parents and brother mixed with death dripped on him. That was life getting out of those closest to him, then joined the earth and the endlessness of death. And Petar remains silent and squeezes his eyelids. Because how would Petar of seven years know what death is. So he thinks he is dead too. He is just wondering why he is somewhat differently dead from his parents and brother.

By Dragan Bursac

This article was published in cooperation with European Press Prize.

Do you know who Petar Golubović is? Petar Golubovic is a young man from Konjic. He is thirty-two years old. An exemplary citizen, a dentist. Proud of his father Đura and mother Vlasta, famous teachers at the secondary school. But he is most proud of his brother Pavle. Two years younger, senior lawyer and employee of the Mostar Court.